• Tina & Julian

Cambodia - the most instagrammable spots

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

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Looking for the perfect Instagram shot? This guide will help you to find the best photo spots in Cambodia. Make sure to tag us in your pictures - we would love to see them!

Siem Reap - Angkor Wat

Of course the number one spot for amazing photo opportunities is the temple complex around Angkor Wat! You’ll find many breathtaking sceneries to shoot at - make sure to bring your tripod ;)

For more amazing pictures and insights check out our Angkor Wat Guide!


Phnom Penh - street art (Boeung Kak, Street 93)

This street is a bit far from the city center, but still worth a short visit. Just hire a tuk tuk driver to take you there. We did walk there which was a quite long walk, but we really like to see the different areas of a city and this is a nice way to do so.


Kampot - Bokor Hill national park 

The national park has many beautiful picture spots! Make sure to hire a motorbike and drive all the way up to Mount Bokor - the views are breathtaking!


Mount Bokor

You can sit at the top of the mountain and watch the sunset with an amazing view on Phu Quoc. Bring warm clothes as it gets quite cold up there and we were freezing.

Big Buddha

On top of the Hill you find a huge blue Buddha, which definitely makes up for an amazing Instagram picture!

Abandoned places

In this nationalpark are so many creepy abandoned places, like the Kings House, a Post office, a church and many more. You can walk through all of them and explore them. They were way more creepy than the abandoned waterpark in Hue, Vietnam.

Popokvil waterfall

We happened to be there after a day full of rain and the waterfall was amazing! We were almost the only ones and the few people that were there with us, were to afraid to go down to the water. Be careful though, as the cliffs are pretty high.

Phnom Penh - Temples

Phnom Penh has so many beautiful temples - you will definitely need a day to explore them all. They are not all in the same spot, so be prepared for a lot of walking or hire a tuk tuk driver.

These two were our favorites:

Wat Phnom

Is a temple that is build on a 27 meter high hill and a really beautiful sight! The entrance fee is 1$ per person, all the other temples in Phnom Penh are free to visit.


Wat Langka

Such a beautiful temple with all it's golden details and we were the only people visiting at this time. There are many different photo spots.