• Tina & Julian

Foodtour through Colombo, Sri Lanka

Collaboration with travelutionsrilanka, gifted

When we got the opportunity to work with Travelution Sri Lanka and heard that they wanted to go on a food tour with us, we got super excited! You all know how much we love to try local food and a food tour is the perfect way to discover where locals love to eat and to taste the delicious street food of the Sri Lankan cuisine.

Colombo is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Sri Lanka. Besides street foods, traditional foods, gourmet restaurants and immigrant foods you can find everything in this city! Being a vegan / vegetarian is no problem at all, as there are so many different options.

What to expect on the foodtour?

Arqam will take you to spots, where you probably won't find any other tourist. You'll get a taste of the Sri Lankan cuisine and will eat where the locals love to eat.

First Stop of our Foodtour: Samosa

The triangular shaped flaky pastry usually filled with spicy potato, chicken or lamb filling is a popular snack not only in India but in several countries of the world.

The specialty about the place we visited is, that they put beef combined with herbs and spices in their samosas which gives their samosas a special taste. And it is definitely delicious.

They also had a vegetarian option, which was with egg and herbs. Completely different to what we had before.

Second stop: Sweets

We stopped at a small sweet shop which is usually known for its buffalo curd. As we were to late to try some of their curd, we dug into some of their self made sweets. All of them were very delicious. Traditional sweets are hard to find in Sri Lanka and only a few people know how to make really good ones.

Third stop: Coconut Roti, Curries and Chicken Porridge

What we love about food tours, is that you'll definitely taste something you haven't tasted before! In this case it was the chicken porridge - really delicious and something Julian probably wouldn't have tried without Arqam.

We also tried different kinds of curries like garlic curry, quail egg curry, beef curry, fish curry.

They also offered a cow brain curry, which we didn't try ;)

The coconut roti was perfect in combination with the coconut sambol and the curries.

Fourth stop: Rice and Curry

To be honest at this stop we were already stuffed with delicious food, but there was more amazing food to try! There was a huge variety of different curries we've never heard of before. Everything was super tasty and we got to try Jackfruit Seeds and Breadfruit (also known as vegetarian chicken) curry.

Fifth stop: Food market

We love to visit markets all over the world, so this was definitely a cool stop for us. Arqam showed us all different kind of vegetables and fruits and we also got to try some of them. Mangoes, Jackfruit, Guava, Coconut, Bananas, etc.

Fun fact: Locals usually don't drink coconut water, they throw it and only eat the meat out of it.

Sixth stop: Cheese Kottu & Curry Leaf Juice

So far our favorite dish in Sri Lanka is Kottu! Kottu is a dish made out of sliced fried rotis and vegetables (and fish/chicken).

At this stop the curry leaf juice definitely stole the show of the also delicious cheese Kottu. The juice is made out of curry leaves, whole limes, salt and sugar. It tastes super refreshing and like nothing we've ever had!

In Sri Lanka it is really common to get your food for take away and eat it in the car. At this stop we even got to eat on normal plates and just returned them afterwards. This way the restaurant doesn't need that much seating facilities.

Seventh stop: Devilled crab, shrimps & calamari at the beach

This was our last stop on this filling and delicious tour through Colombo.

Located on the beach was a food stall, which is known for its delicious devilled crab.

Devilled crab actually means spicy crab. Sadly we got the tourist version of it and it wasn't that spicy.

If you really like spicy food, make sure to tell them you want to try the local version.

How much does the foodtour cost?

The foodtour costs 80 $ per person.

The Price includes the food, drinks, transportation and the costs for the driver With our code TRAVELTALES10 you can save 10% on your booking with travelutionsrilanka

How to book the foodtour?

You can book directly via whats app with Arqam: 0094 775 198 555 or via instagram message Please book at least 24 hours in advance.