• Tina & Julian

Cat Ba Island - The best view point and how to get there

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

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On Cat Ba Island we met a really nice local, which helped us a lot and gave us so many recommendations! One of them was this amazing and top secret look out on Lan Ha Bay, which we want to share with you. It is actually not allowed to go there, so you have to decide, if you want to risk it or not. ;)

How to get there

When you're going/driving up the hill to the fortress lookout point, stop at this hotel advertisement - on the left side of this picture you can see the red sign. That's exactly where you have to walk up the stairs ;) This hike will take about 15 minutes and will take you through high grass, that will be very itchy (so better

wear long trousers ;)

As soon as you come across an old house, go behind it and through the old little garden house. Walk further until you reach a concrete platform, step on it and take the stairs down on the right hand side. From there you just have to go straight forward and keep yourself to the right side until you get these amazing views over Lan Ha Bay.

And then? Enjoy these views, you will have them all to yourselves :)

Make sure to hike down before it gets dark, as the way is not really good and you can easily hurt yourself.