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Hanoi - vegan & vegetarian restaurants

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

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On our travels around the world Tina already had a lot of struggles finding good food.

As a vegetarian french fries were her best friend - but not in Hanoi!

This city has so many delicious and also not too expensive vegetarian and vegan options!!

Tina is not a vegan, but if there are vegan options she likes to chose those.

We spent about two weeks in total in Hanoi and want to show you the best restaurants we experienced during this time.

Sadly the vegetarian options are most of the time more expensive than going to a Vietnamese food stall with meat, but still cheap. We're talking about 3-5 € per dish (compared to a dish with meat: 1-3 €)

1. Poke Hanoi

vegetarian and vegan options

Have you ever tried a Poke Bowl? You can decide which ingredients you want in your bowl and I absolutely love it! I chose brown rice, salad, mango, pineapple, cabbage, edamame, corn, radish and a Shoju Dressing.

The bowls at Poke Hanoi coss between 5-8 €, were really delicious and huuuge. The restaurant itself is super stylish and definitely instagrammable ;)

2. Jalous vegan kitchen & café

We have been to this restaurant three times while being in Hanoi. The dishes cost between 3-4 € and are so delicious - so we just had to go back!

I tried the lentil stew, which was the best dish I had there! The homemade potato gnocchi - I mean who is not always craving

for Italian food? - and the Pumpkin Lasagna.

Let's not talk about the Lasagna, it was ok, but nothing special.

I can highly recommend a visit there! The atmosphere is really nice, the service good (and fast - pretty rare in Vietnam) and it's in the old Quarter of Hanoi, so plenty of things to do around there.

3. V's Home, vegeterian / vegan restaurant

This restaurant is hidden in a little alley and a welcomed get-away from the buzzing city of Hanoi. The ambience is beautiful!

I had chickpea tempeh wit asparagus and sweet-sour thai sauce for 3,80 €

Some of the employees are deaf and mute, but they are very attentive and have cards lying on the table so you can still communicate with them.

4. Banh Mi 25

You haven't been to Vietnam, if you haven't tried a Banh Mi - at least once ;)

The tricky thing about the Banh Mi is, that most of the stalls don't offer veggie options or only put eggs and no vegetables on the bread.

Banh Mi 25 is very popular amongst tourists and does have a really delicious veggie option (you could probably get it vegan as well).

But what is a Banh Mi? Banh Mi is the vietnamese word for bread.

It is a baguette filled with cucumber, carrots, coriander and mostly pâté (pork liver) along with chili and mayonnaise.

The veggie option I ate at Banh Mi 25 was stuffed with eggs, avocado and cheese besides carrots, cucumber, chili and mayonnaise. (Yes, you can leave out the coriander, if you love it as much, as I do ;) It was really delicious and costs only about 1,35 €

Oh and one last secret tip, we found it out on our last day in Hanoi... There are three different spots of this "restaurant" - and one is with AC and has a really nice atmosphere. The other ones are not that comfortable and you're sitting outside in the heat (they are not next to each other, there are all over the street ;)

5. Lifted Café

vegetarian and vegan options

This little café had the best Granola Bowl I ever had - it was with dragonfruit, mango, fresh homemade yoghurt and just amazing!

Sadly the service was really bad and the bowl with about 5 € quite expensive.

6. Hanoi Social Club

vegetarian and vegan options

I had the veggie Burger with polenta fries - and these fries were sooo good, you can't imagine! Oh and the cocktails are not bad as well .. ;) Super relaxed atmosphere, more like a bar than a restaurant. (It's next to Salt'n'Pepper)

first picture: Hanoi Social Club

second picture: Salt'n'Pepper

7. Muối tiêu / Salt'n'Pepper

vegetarian and vegan options

If you're looking for a really good sourdough bread with the classy avocado on it - you're at that right place! I added to poached eggs to it and it was super delicious. Service on point!

Quite expensive for Vietnam, but if you're craving some non asian-style healthy food, it's totally worth it!